Rig Type Jack-Up Self -Elevating Drilling Unit 3 independednt leg cantilever
Owner Aban Offshore Ltd
Design&class Baker Marine 300-IC;

American Bureau of Shipping, A1 Self-Elevating Drilling Unit

Construction & Conversion YearPromet Private Ltd., Singapore,

DEC 1983.

Major Upgrade in 1999 (upgrading of engines to Caterpiller 3516-B) at dubai drydocks

Water Depth300'
Drilling Depth20,000'
Quarters96 Persons
Hull212'1" X210' X 26'
Variable Load4843 Kips
Heliport70' Dia
StorageMud & Cmt Bulk-9120 cu.ft + 5000 sacks;

Liquid Mud-963bbls;

Fuel-3737 bbls;

Drill Water-4577.45 bbls;

Pot Water-1829 bbls

Drilling EquipmentDrawworks-IDECO/2100 E Driven by two Jeumont Schneider/ CIR 423A Motors.

Mud Pumps-2 Ideco T1600, Triplex,1,600 hp Driven by 2 -GE 752 DC Motors each pump.

Prime movers-Four CAT3516B,1,850 HP each;

SCR System 6Nos;Tech Power Controls Maximum continuous power (total)8000 kva. ;Output 0-750 V DC

Rotary Table-IDECO/ LR 375E, -37-1/2"JEUMONT SCHNEIDER; maximum torque - 4700 ft-lbs Rated Capacity 700 tons

Top Drive-Canrig 1050 DC E2SP,1,130 hp, 500 T ;29800 ft -lbs at 181 rpm

DerrickJ PARIS, 147' X 30' X 30'

lbs;Max No of 12 lines, 70 Knots

BOP SystemOne Double 13-5/8" Cameron - Type U Ram Preventer, 10000psi

One Single 13-5/8"Cameron - Type U Ram Preventer.10000psi

One 13 5/8”, Hydril Annular Preventer, 5000 psi

One 21 1/4",SHAFFER Annular Preventer, 2000 psi,

One Single 21 1/4" HYDRIL Ram Preventer.10000psi

CranesTwo BMC-900;

17T @ 25'

MooringFour Nos; Mape/ 111 /JMS515 ;10,000 lbs

Four Electric motor driven winches;Baldt Moorfast Anchors; 4 X 33.5 Hp

50,000 lbs pull each

Work AreaMumbai High
Former Names Hitdrill-I
Rig Photograph