2005-06 Quarter 3 announcements

26/12/2005 - M/s. Aban Singapore Pte. Ltd, a Wholly owned Subsidiary of Aban Loyd Chiles Offshore Ltd. has entered into an agreement with a shipyard in Singapore for constructing a 375feet self elevating offshore jackup drilling rig.

06/12/2005 - ICICI Bank has withdrawn the Nomination of Mr S Srinivasan as Director from our Board effective 24th November 2005.

28/11/2005 - The Board of Directors have approved the issue of Debentures Optionally convertible into cumulative redeemable preference shares up to Rs.165 Crores on private placement basis

28/11/2005 - Fitch Ratings India Private Limited (FITCH RATINGS) has assigned a rating of A+(ind) [ A Plus (ind)] for the proposed Rs.1650 Million Long Term Debenture Programme (Optionally converible into cumulative redeemable preference shares) of the Company .

19/11/2005 - The Company has incorporated a wholly owned Subsidiary Company named “ABAN SINGAPORE PTE. LTD”. at Singapore on 18th November 2005.

03/10/2005 - The Company has signed a contract with Hindustan Oil Exploration Ltd for drilling, utilizing the Rig Aban VII.