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Working @ Aban

At Aban we cherish the highest levels of personal and professional integrity. We foster an inclusive and non-hierarchical working atmosphere with care and concern for every individual. We encourage and uphold the obligation to dissent and assist employees in imbibing professionalism and discipline in their approach to work and life in general.

We take teamwork and collaboration beyond our organization, actively working with clients to make our engagements successful. The work culture at Aban is one of continuous learning and growth for its members through specialized training initiatives and regular events to help usher an environment of fun.

Through new and original ideas and a fixation to client success, our people have delivered solutions that have enabled our clients to get better results - and in the process, earn the right to forge long lasting relationships with our clients.

Career development @ Aban

At Aban we believe in the training and development of our existing and future workforce.

To this end, Aban has developed a comprehensive Training Matrix which sets-out the basic framework for our Competency Training Programmes along with our Graduate Engineer Training (GET) & Development Programmes for various job disciplines within our Company.